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Our dedicated professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of automatic vehicle fire protection as well as industrial fire protection.


The most important consideration in the selection and installation of automatic vehicle fire protection is the safety of the passengers and the operator of the vehicle. Transit, industrial, commercial, and municipal vehicles are plagued with potential fire hazards. Therefore, the danger of vehicle fire is constant. Since all vehicles carry a combination of highly combustible fluids including fuel, oils, grease, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and ignition sources such as turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, electrical circuits, and batteries – fire can start quickly.

American Transit Safety Systems Automatic Vehicle Fire Protection
  ATSSI Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems are custom designed for the application. No “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” commodity fire suppression systems. Our Fire System Engineers and Technicians work directly with OEM Vehicle Design and Production Teams to ensure proper and appropriate type of fire protection for the vehicle. ATSSI Fire Suppression Systems are shipped direct from our factories. We work with OEMs of all vehicle industries including Mass Transit Bus, School Transit Bus, Off-Road and Heavy Equipment, Municipal Service Vehicles, Police and Law Enforcement, Heavy Rail and Transit Rail, to name a few.  
  ATSSI Fire Suppression Systems are available with automatic detection, single stage or two-stage, with system monitoring capability as well as Manual Actuation capability. We also provide multiple Remote Manual Discharge capability as well as Audible and Visual Alarms where desired or required. ATSSI Fire Suppression Systems are premium grade fire systems that are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and quality assurance protocols. Our reliable fire suppression systems and equipment are built to last in the toughest, rough service environments.  
  ATSSI Fire Suppression System are designed and built to provide many, many years of dependable, automatic fire protection – often beyond the life of the vehicle itself. An ATSSI Automatic Vehicle Fire Suppression System is an investment – an investment for the protection of your valuable vehicle! Each and every ATSSI Fire Suppression System is designed with the end-user or fleet owner in mind. Our Fire Suppression Systems are very low maintenance and no special equipment is required for OEM, Dealer, or retrofit applications.  

Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Off Road, Military Automatic Vehicle Fire Suppression
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