American Transit Safety Systems Automatic Vehicle Fire Protection






Model CF Thermatic Automatic
Waterless Fire Protection

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  ATSSI’s CF Thermatic Automatic Extinguisher Systems are a unique line of patented, dual-agent and single-agent overhead fire extinguishers that provide fast fire suppression with no water damage. Proprietary CFF technology combines the extinguishing power of two highly effective and proven agents for faster suppression and greater coverage - in other words, more protection for your money. In fact, at a fraction of the price of piped systems, a CFF system is appropriate for all applications where water just isn’t an option. ATSSI Vehicle Fire Protection Automatic Waterless Fire Protection
  • Computer Rooms
  • Specialty Hazard
  • Remote Locations
  • Enclosed Hazard Areas
  • Power or Electrical Areas
  • Telecommunications Areas
  • Temporary Construction Sites
  • Areas the require gentle, but powerful protection, such as museums or data and record storage
  • Truly Modular
  • Pre-Engineered
  • Heat Activated
  • Dual-agent Technology
  • Pre-installed Pressure Switch
  • Viking Corp Sprinkler Head
  • 45° Look Down Pressure Gauge
  • Patent Pending, Dual-agent Technology
  • Pre-engineered, Modular Flexibility
  • Effective Protection - FM Approved
  • Network for Total Flooding Solutions
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • No Piping Necessary
  • Simple Installation Process
  • No Wiring Required
  • Most Cost Effective Solution
  • Minimal Calculation for Selection of Product
Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Off Road, Military Automatic Vehicle Fire Suppression
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